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Process Flow Chart and Associated Process Documents

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Process Step No. Sub-processes
Current 0
Next 1

10000Ocean Freight Process
10200Quote Process: Quote Received by Forwarder (or Delegated Agent) from Customer
10201Forwarder (or Delegated Agent) Completes Quote Process
10202Quote Accepted / Rejected
10300Booking Process: Booking Received by Forwarder (or Delegated Agent) from Customer
10301Forwarder (or Delegated Agent) Completes Booking Process
10302Booking Accepted / Rejected
10303Booking Confirmation Process
10304Bill of Lading Process
10500Empty Container Storage Process
10505Container Ready for release Process
10510Container Inspection Process
10515Container Ready for collection Process
10520Empty container Release Process
10525Container Inspection Process [Collecting Driver]
10530Container Collected and moved to load point
10535Container Inspection Process [Loader]
10540Container Load (Stuffing) Process
10545Container Seal Process
10550Container Inspection Process [Collecting Driver]
10555Container Collected and moved to departure port Process
10560Loaded Container receipt Process
10565Vessel loading Process
10570Vessel loaded Process
10575Vessel departure Process
10580Vessel arrival Process
10585Vessel unloading Process
10590Vessel unloaded Process
10595Customs Clearance Process
10600Container ready for collection Process
10605Loaded Container release Process
10610Container Inspection Process [Collecting Driver]
10615Container Collected and moved to load point
10602Container Inspection Process [Unloader - before unloading]
10625Container Unload Process
10630Container Inspection Process [Unloader - after unloading]
10635Container Inspection Process [Collecting Driver]
10640Container Collected and returned to arrival port/depot

About the flow chart and associated documents

  • What are Rail Freight Process Documents?

    Rail Freight Process Documents include an Rail Freight Master Operating Procedure (MOP), Rail Freight Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Rail Freight Local Operating Procedures (LOP).

    Each Document details WHO is responsible for WHAT activity WHEN and explains WHY the action/activity is relevant. Some logistics activity may not seem logical to certain staff or functions as they do not always see the bigger picture. Our documents and training material clarify the importance of specific actions which in turn improve the quality of product and individual/team sense of worth/importance in the business as a whole.

  • What are Rail Freight Structured Message Templates?

    Rail Freight Structured Message Templates are documents which are created to support the efficient, compliant movement of goods from one point to another. These include manifests, Bills of Lading, inventory, checklist, audits, and reports. Each document is structured as it contains necessary detail to support an action or an informed decision.

    Rail Freight Structured Message Templates are integrated into all our apps and can be customised with your company details to provide a seamless white label solution. You can even control who prints what, a necessary control feature to support specific security legislation in a growing number of countries.

  • What does the Rail Freight Training Material include?

    The Rail Freight Training Material includes detailed documents which explain how to complete a certain activity of function. The documents include screen shots and examples which can be followed in a logical sequence. Certain training processes also include video clips which walk through each application process, step by step to support your familiarization with our Rail Freight applications.

    Need to track your staff training? Rail Freight Training Material is linked to a training record which allows you to identify which staff have completed training on each application. This tool includes dates, reports and generates automatic reminders to your staff to ensure training compliance in all associated disciplines. A key tool for multi-nationals who often need to demonstrate a robust training package as part of compliance audits.